Our Vision

Through Growth Comes Victory!

Our vision is to build upon past efforts and foster a Fairfax County Republican Committee that leads the way to new and continued Republican successes in Northern Virginia. We can achieve this by growing the party to its most effective size, recruiting excellent candidates and supporting them and our elected officials with a base of volunteers, while providing the financial support necessary for the Republican message to be heard.  We dedicate ourselves to building a Committee that grows the base of support for Republican ideas and principles among all Fairfax residents, and reaches out aggressively to a variety of groups and organizations across the County, and the Commonwealth, to build a strong Coalition for electoral success.


  • Turn Fairfax County Red – End One Party Rule in Fairfax County!
  • Deliver Fairfax County to our Party’s Presidential and Senate Candidate and Win key Congressional Seats in 2012
  • Win key Virginia Legislative and State-Wide offices in 2013
  • Concentrate on the “nuts and bolts” of our operation, improving precinct and district operations to reach supporters, collect and manage data, and foster GOTV efforts
  • Grow the Committee to the maximum allowed by the party plan by 2013
  • Double the Financial Resources of the Committee by 2013
  • Expand the base of support by reaching out to non-member Republicans across the County and driving participation in exciting and motivating FCRC events and sponsored activities
  • Strengthen the ties between the FCRC and Congressional Committees
  • Strengthen the ties between the FCRC and various Coalitions
  • Serve as a well-coordinated and well-informed conduit for our candidates, the RPV and the RNC
  • Advocate the Principles we all Share!

Our Plan: Through Growth Comes Victory!

It has been a distinct pleasure serving on the FCRC Executive Committee for the last two years as the Vice Chairman for Budget and Finance.  The FCRC, and its Chairman Anthony Bedell, did so much for me during my race for the House of Delegates in 2009, and I wanted to make sure I gave back all I could in thanks.  Now I dedicate myself to continuing the great work the Committee has done – and continuing the “Project 50.1%” that has served us so well.  My plan is to build on this legacy and foster a stronger, more active, and more powerful party.  To do that we must:

Continue to Grow:

While we are proud of the success we have had in reaching over 630 members, we can do much more.  There are many, many Republicans in Fairfax County who we must reach out to and bring into the committee. Adding 70 members (to reach 700) in 2012 is an achievable number, and one that will strengthen the grassroots of FCRC in anticipation of what will be hotly-contested Presidential and Congressional campaigns. We strive to have at least 800 members as we approach the statewide elections in less than two years. A strong FCRC will lead directly to success in 2012 and 2013.

Exciting meetings, aggressive recruitment, and a continuing sense of purpose will bring in new members and keep them active.  I will continue the recruitment efforts, and continue to make our meetings and events “the place to be” for Fairfax Republicans.

Some people may not want to be members of the “Committee.”  That’s O.K.  Anyone willing to work towards our common goals will be welcomed at FCRC activities.  I plan on investigating ways to expand our base among non-committee members, leverage their financial and grassroots power, and create a community of Republicans that will change Fairfax County for the better.

Focus on Service:

The FCRC exists to do two things over all.  First, we need to serve our Candidates – both new and incumbent.  Second we need to represent the grassroots Republican movement in our County.  I dedicate myself to both these endeavors, and will focus like a laser on positive “customer service” and aggressive advocacy for our Elected Officials, our Candidates, and our People.  As a former CEO, and longtime businessman I know a little something about customer service. As a former candidate I know guidance and support are necessary to foster successful campaigns. The key is this – we serve the Republican citizens and candidates of Fairfax County, and I will never forget who I work for.

Manage and Grow our Financial Resources:

As Vice Chairman for Budget and Finance I oversaw great growth in the FCRC budget.  That said we still have less than half the financial resources the Democrats do.  We need to continue efforts to raise funds, apply those funds judiciously, and strive to achieve financial parity with our political opponents.  There are many untapped resources in Fairfax County and among the people and concerned Business Leaders and Organizations throughout the Commonwealth.  I will continue my emphasis on fundraising so that we have the resources to compete—and win—against the Democrats in 2012, 2013, and beyond.  Every dollar we raise contributes to another yard sign, bumper sticker, phone call, sample ballot, lit drop, or media-buy for our candidates.  We can leave no stone unturned in our efforts to serve the people.

One of my proud achievements has been the careful stewardship of the money we raise via disciplined budgeting and financial transparency.  As Chairman I will continue to manage the Committee’s money – your money! – carefully and openly and ensure that all our resources are applied in the most effective manner possible.

Maximize Technology for Success:

We have clearly demonstrated the power of social networking and the internet to motivate our base, and through Tele-Town Halls, our website, Twitter, Facebook, and other new media platforms we have reached new members, spread our message, and supported our candidates.  Our efforts, however, must not stop there. We need to continue to grow and strengthen these efforts while improving our “back-office” management so that our data, correspondences, and information sources are secure, manageable, and available to the Committee when needed and for years to come.

Get the Word Out!

We are Republicans all because we share a commitment to common sense, conservative solutions to everyday problems.  We may not agree on every little thing – but we agree on the big things and we know our philosophy is what Virginia—and America—needs right now.  We must not be shy in advancing our positive message and winning new Patriots over to the Republican side. I will dedicate myself and our Committee to serving the Republican cause through aggressive advocacy – done with tact and a smile – of our foundation principles.  Virginia, perhaps more than anywhere else in this great country, responds well to positive, well thought out messages.  We know our ideas will win against the status quo and clearly ineffective alternative philosophies. While it is not the place of the Committee to debate specific policy, we cannot shy away from our responsibility to represent Republicanism and common sense conservative solutions whenever possible.

Recruit Great Candidates:

We’ve have had an amazing slate of candidates in 2011 – the best many of us have ever seen.  This is in large part due to the efforts of the FCRC to reach out and find great leaders, and its ability to promise them the support they need to be successful.  But, we can do more.  We must build a candidate support operation to provide early and effective guidance to new candidates, aggressively seek winning candidates in key districts and races, and provide continued support – including training, mentorship, operational and financial, to Republicans who seek office in Fairfax County.  As a past candidate myself I know how crucial county-level leadership can be for political candidates.

I am pleased that our fundraising efforts in 2011 provided over $50,000 to direct candidate support operations.  I pledge to grow that budget by at least double, start a “candidate start up” fund for new candidates, and work to provide lasting and meaningful training and operational support to the great candidates we recruit.  Success breeds success, and we need great candidates to turn Fairfax County Red!

Go For It!

As Chairman Anthony Bedell said, “you can’t win by playing defense.”  And he was right!  We will fight the good fight wherever we can.  We will go on the offense in key districts, in key races, and we will play to win.  Our ideas are best for our County, our Commonwealth, and our Nation.  The FCRC is on the rise and we will continue to push on to Victory!

Set the Pace for the Nation: 

We face an exciting challenge: Fairfax County is the most important political unit in the most important state going into the elections of 2012.  We should recognize this and dedicate ourselves to setting the table for Republicans in this critical year.  People are fed up with the fiscal irresponsibility of current Democratic Party Leaders, especially President Obama, are tired of the weak and ineffective foreign and defense policies, and are frustrated by the nanny-state liberalism that is fundamentally changing our nation.  We want to return to the principles that formed the society sought by our founders and defended so bravely by past generations.

As goes Virginia, so goes the United States.  As goes Fairfax County, so goes Virginia.  Our nation is looking to us to fight for what we believe in, give all we have, and prove that the American Spirit is alive and well.  If we do that, our nation will respond and a new day will dawn in America.

Together we can win the future!

It would be my honor to serve as your Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee.  My desire to serve grows only out of my love for the United States, and my desire to help my fellow citizen.  I believe strongly that our way – commonsense Constitutional conservatism, fiscal responsibility, strong family values, and limited government – is the best way for all our citizens.  I strive to uphold and fight for those principles and ideals and I would be honored to do so as your next FCRC Chairman.


Jay McConville