Jay Will Work for Party Unity!
Jay McConville believes that our Republican Party must pull together and direct our competitive spirit towards defeating our opponents. Our nation needs us working together at this critical time. If you will join him, he will work with you.

The endorsements that follow are not screened except for language and appropriate content. The appearance of a name on the list implies only that they agree that Jay is the right man to lead the Fairfax GOP to victory in 2012 and beyond. Please note that individual titles are for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement from any employer or organization.

If you are ready to work and to join with us to win, we are ready to work with you!

“I am pleased to endorse Jay McConville for Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. Jay works hard, understands the essentials of a successful campaign, the importance of grassroots voter contact, and he connects well with people. His success in leading both businesses and volunteer organizations, including his last two years as the FCRC Vice Chairman for Budget and Finance, shows clearly that he can motivate and focus organizations to achieve excellent results. He is the right person for this important job as we head into 2012 and beyond.”

The Honorable Barbara Comstock
Virginia House of Delegates, 34th District

“Jay is an experienced campaigner and fundraiser who is also excellent at presenting our Republican beliefs in an articulate and convincing way. That, along with his leadership experience in the military, in business, and in his many community activities, will make him a great Chairman and he has my full support.”

The Honorable Chris Braunlich
Former Fairfax County School Board Member
Former Lee District GOP Chairman

“In the difficult task of choosing between two good candidates for the Chairman of the FCRC, I am confident in endorsing Jay McConville for the job.

A true conservative, Jay has demonstrated the skills that I believe are critical in carrying on the outstanding job that Anthony Bedell has done.

As one who has been a candidate, I know the importance of the FCRC Chairman being able to raise funds and being the spokesperson for the party. Jay has demonstrated that he will step into this role with ease and with great success.

Based on his experience from having run for office himself, Jay will lead the committee to support individual campaigns as well as improve coordination of the annual county-wide efforts. Please join me in supporting him at the FCRC Convention on March 24th.”

The Honorable Steve Hunt
Former Fairfax County School Board Member

“I’ve known Jay McConville for many years, first as a community volunteer and later as a candidate. He is an energetic, determined, organized, and committed public servant who will bring great vision, experience, and principle to the position of Chairman. I’m proud to call him my friend and endorse him for FCRC Chairman. I look forward to working alongside him.”

Ed Gillespie
Former Chairman
Republican National Committee/Republican Party of Virginia

“I have known Jay McConville for many years: as a fellow parent since my children’s pre-school years; as a coach, board member and two-term President of the Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association, and as a conservative leader committed to constitutional governance, and actively engaged in local, state and national issues. I strongly endorse Jay to serve as Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Party. I have every confidence Jay will grow our party, and bring people together to successfully elect our Republican ticket, up and down the ballot.”

Cathy Gillespie
Former Director, Bush Cheney ’04 W Stands for Women
Former Comissioner, President’s Commission on White House Fellows

“As a retired military officer, small business owner and local youth sports coach, I naturally feel that Jay and I share many common core values and interests. Also, as a campaign worker for him during his run for Delegate, I found him to be a tireless candidate who could inspire his team to work hard to promote our shared vision for America (and, in particular, for Fairfax County) and desire for positive change. As we all know, in real estate the three most important words are “location, location and location.” In politics those words are “character, character, and character” — and Jay epitomizes that trait in spades.”

Kenneth Alnwick

“I just ran for my first political office and cannot overstate how helpful Jay McConville was to me. Jay gave me guidance on fundraising, logistics and every aspect of running a campaign and was absolutely there for me whenever I needed help or advice. I can’t think of a better person to head up the Fairfax County Republican Committee.”

John Barsa
Former Candidate for Delegate

“I am very happy to endorse Jay McConville for Chairman of FCRC. His success in business and service to our country, combined with his desire to shape this organization into a formidable electoral force in Fairfax County–and ultimately statewide–is the formula we need to move forward.”

Phil Bell

“As the Vice Chair for Budget and Finance for the Fairfax County Republican Party, Jay has helped raise significant funds for the party and various candidates.

In addition to his fundraising power, Jay has been a candidate for office. He knows what candidates expect from the FCRC and knows how the FCRC can recruit strong candidates that can win in Fairfax County.

Anthony Bedell has set up a winning operation in Fairfax during his term. In order to continue to build on our successes, we need to elect Jay McConville for FCRC Chairman.”

Terrence Boulden
FCRC African-American Outreach Chair

“We need common sense to continue the progress made by the outgoing chairman.”

Dan Bower

“I served on the staffs of three United States Senators over my 22 years of U.S. Senate service and came into contact with hundreds of people — foreign government leaders, U.S. business titans, local and state officials, among others–and having gotten to know Jay, he is at the top of list. He possesses the top qualities of a leader — his deep sincere concern for his fellow men and women, his spiritual commitment to his Lord, and his strong conviction to use his life to promote and sustain the founding principles upon which our nation was founded. He believes in the “Miracle of America.” That is why I endorse his candidacy.”

Wayne Boyles, III
Former Senior Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Jesse Helms

“I believe Jay has the experience necessary to undertake this very important position. His dedication to the GOP and its principles is unquestionable and he is simply an out-and-out good guy, a nice guy, and a decorated veteran to boot!”

Alice Butler-Short

“With professional, community, and political experiences, Jay has a vision for increasing the effectiveness of FCRC and a plan for electing more Republicans! I hope others will join me in enthusiastically endorsing Jay for Chairman of FCRC.”

Mary Campbell
FCRC Second Vice-Chair – Membership and Administration

“I completely support and endorse the candidacy of Jay McConville as Chairman for the Fairfax County Republican Committee. As Republicans, we realize that we are at a pivotal time in our nation and that Fairfax County is a key battleground. What happens in our county and our effort here will not only be extremely influential in the Commonwealth, but will permanently affect the future of our country.

As a committee we have built year over year on our efforts, our involvement and our fiscal security. We need a solid and versatile leader in this next election cycle who understands personally the sacrifice it takes to run for office and what it takes to battle every day. Jay is that person and I hope that you will join me in supporting this great champion for our cause as our next County Chairman!”

Mac Cannon
Former Candidate for Delegate

“While on the campaign trail, I had privilege to get to know Jay McConville. Jay has the integrity, fortitude, and work ethic to be the next Chairman. He has big shoes to fill with Anthony Bedell stepping down as our Chairman, but I am confident that with Jay’s leadership, the Fairfax County Republican Committee will continue to excel. I would be honored to have Jay McConville lead us to future victories!”

Bill Cooper
Former Candidate for Sheriff

“Jay has demonstrated he is a hands-on supporter of Republican causes and elections. I support him strongly to lead the FCRC to victory in 2012.”

Thomas Cranmer
Former Candidate for Soil and Water Conservation Director

“It is a pleasure to endorse Jay McConville to succeed my friend Anthony Bedell. And not just because Jay knows the pressure of running for office and has proved himself in an official capacity over the last two years with FCRC, though these are very important attributes. But Jay has a vision for the FCRC that is both aggressive and realistic. His agenda of growth, service and fundraising is exactly what is called for in a county that has always been a great challenge for Republicans and conservatives. Jay knows we must expand our base, provide ever-greater support to our candidates and raise much more money, something he has done successfully throughout his professional life. I hope you will join me in vigorous support of Jay McConville for FCRC Chairman.”

Tim Donner
Former Candidate for U.S. Senate

“Jay’s professional, military, political and academic credentials are excellent and he will bring these talents and skills to the position of GOP Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. In additional, Jay and his family are exemplary members of the community. There is no doubt he will do a great job of furthering the work of the FCRC and he has my strong support.”

Kathy Gillette-Mallard
Former Candidate for Delegate

“Jay McConville is a natural successor to Anthony Bedell. Jay has had the experience of being in a campaign and currently is the Treasurer of the FCRC. Plus he’s a good human being who is personable and has character. He deserves the support of FCRC

Jim Glenn
Westgate Precinct Captain

“As a life long FCRC Voter, Member or Supporter, I’m supporting Jay because of his work ethic, his knowledge and his recognition that we need to get back to the grass roots and become a “neighborhood” organization again, with block captains and local knowledge in each precinct. We need a ground game and GOTV effort to compete with what we were up against in 2008 and carry Fairfax County for our GOP Presidential and Senate Nominees. Jay can help us do that!”

Rob Hartwell

“Jay is an outstanding individual.

He has proven though his years of service and commitment, to many outstanding causes, that he has the moral, ethical, and work ethic to get things done without compromising values.

Jay is a leader in the community and keeps a blistering pace supporting his family, community, church, and party.

He is passionate in his views, listens to the opposition and seeks to convince though dialog and cooperation rather than though the hard line tactics employed by so many these days.

Although we may not see eye to eye on many issues I have no hesitation supporting his candidacy and urge others from across the aisle to support him as well. I offer this strongest of endorsements because he is one of the few individuals who is able and willing to set aside the politics as usual and work toward solutions that represent his community while upholding the basic ideals of his party.”

Philip Herring

“As a longtime Republican and former candidate, I am pleased to endorse Jay McConville as Chair of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. Jay and I served as co-chairs of the finance committee, and Jay has shown true leadership, fiscal discipline, and rigor in that role. I believe Jay has the vision needed to capture the FCRC momentum going forward.”

The Hon. Marianne Horinko
Former Acting Director
Environmental Protection Agency

“Jay has the perfect blend of skill sets and personality to lead the FCRC to success. His financial experience at the FCRC and other organizations insures that he would provide strong fiscal oversight and leadership. His experience as a candidate gives him a deep understanding of grassroots operations and the role of the FCRC in helping Republican candidates win elections. His warm personality and social skills make him a natural leader which can not be overvalued in a volunteer organization. Jay will make an outstanding Chairman of the FCRC and that is why I am giving him my strong endorsement.”

Doug Jones
Mount Vernon District Chairman

“Jay is a capable, well balanced Republican who can bring more Northern Virginians into the Republican fold.”

John Kohout

“Jay has a great vision for the Fairfax County GOP and a solid plan to achieve it. He is the right man at the right time.”

Steve & Kathy Larkin

“I am pleased to endorse Jay McConville for Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman. Jay, as a former candidate and current Vice Chairman for Budget and Finance, has the right experience, energy, and vision for the job. As someone who has run many organizations, he also knows how to motivate people to work together and achieve great results. Please join me in supporting Jay for FCRC Chairman.”

Anna Lee
RPV State Central Member
Former FCRC Vice Chairman of Administration

“Jay McConville is a principled and dedicated Republican and a very hard working candidate. I know first hand the diligence, judgment and character Jay brought to his Delegate campaign. As a former candidate himself Jay has credibility and perspective on what it takes to run. His experience makes him uniquely qualified to lead and build our party.”

Aaron Leibowitz
Former Executive Director
Republican Party of Virginia

“I am happy to endorse Jay McConville for FCRC Chairman. He is fiscally responsible, has strong fundraising credentials, and is a skilled campaign organizer. Jay is diplomatic and able to articulate our conservative values in a way that appeals to voters in our community. I encourage you to support Jay McConville for FCRC Chairman.”

Sandy Liddy Bourne
Jennifer Byler Institute Director of Operations
Former Candidate for Delegate

“Good Luck Jay. You are a leader who works hard to make a difference in our community and in our country. Fran and I are in your corner.”

Michael McDermott

“My father, Jay McConville, has shown me the path to being a successful and strong man. All of my life I have considered him a hero of mine and I know that his hard work and leadership can bring the Republicans to a whole new level in our area. GO JAY!”

James McConville

“Jay is an active member of our community and generously volunteers countless hours to local business groups and charities. I have been a fellow Board Member on the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce and have enjoyed working with Jay on many issues. He is an asset to our area and will be leading the Fairfax County Republican Committee.”

Ashley McNeff

“I fully support Jay McConville for Fairfax County Republican Committee Chariman. Jay has provided outstanding results as Chairman of the Finance Committee, as well as working behind the scenes to help our candidates in the Mount Vernon area and across the county. His professional and political relationships will be an asset for growing and improving our organization by providing more opportunities for operations activities and raising funds. Jay has the leadership, political know-how, and management experience to take our County Committee to the next level.”

Marti Meersman
Communications Director
11th Congressional District Republican Committee

“Jay has great energy and will do an outstanding job as FCRC Chairman.”

David Nolan

“I am very happy to endorse Jay McConville for Chairman of FCRC. I was formerly a Vice Chairman of the FCRC and know the good work Jay can do to unite all republicans in Fairfax County.”

Cesar Orantes

“Jay McConville is a man of integrity with an unflappable moral compass who will well represent the conservative and responsible views so needed in our community and in our government. Jay’s sound judgement and common sense, his experience of success in business, his understanding about the importance of and dedication of love to his family, his dedication a tireless community and youth volunteer and his proven leadership ability qualify him an exceptional leader for our community and our government. I support Jay and praise his commitment serve us in the community.”

Edward Potter

“Jay McConville is a smart, enthusiastic, hard working guy who has a remarkable ability to work well with everyone. He will be a real asset serving as our FCRC Chairman.”

Dan Rinzel

“Because Jay has run for state office before, he knows best what help candidates need and how to deliver it most effectively. I’ve also seen Jay in action at various events, and he impressed me with his abilities.”

Judy Ann Rosso-Llopart

“I have personally known Jay since his run for the HOD in 2009. He is an exemplary member of the Mount Vernon District community, in fact, a household name! Whether it’s the Mount Vernon/Lee Chamber of Commerce, Aldersgate Church, or our FCPS schools, his public service and involvement with our community at every level makes him a perfect candidate for the job. Jay has my full support in his candidacy for FCRC Chairman!”

Marta Saltus
FCRC Hispanic Coalition Chair

“I am pleased to support Jay McConville for Fairfax County Republican Committee Chair. Having worked with Jay for many years, I know he understands the difficulties and the challenges of the job and will be able to handle the pressure of a presidential election cycle. Having been a candidate himself, he has the insight and the understanding of what candidates and campaigns need and I am confident that he will be able to keep the FCRC running smoothly, raise money to support our candidates and countywide activities, and continue to expand our committee well into the future.”

Brian Schoeneman
Former Candidate for Delegate

“There is no more conscientious, hard working and dedicated person I know than Jay McConville. His commitment to not only the principles of the Republican Party but more importantly to the people of Northern Virginia and Fairfax County make him the perfect choice to be the next Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. I wholeheartedly support him for that position.”

Chuck Silva

“I am honored to endorse Jay McConville for FCRC Chairman. He is a dedicated conservative leader who understands what it takes to win elections. As a Party, we must be able to support our Republican nominees and I can think of no one better to carry our banner through the upcoming elections.”

David Skiles
Former FCRC Executive Director

“Jay is a leader. I have known him as a close friend for 18 years. He is a man of principle, and believes deeply in the traditional values that made our country great. He will bring those qualities to the Chairmanship of FCRC. ”

John Stewart

“I have known Jay and Sue for many years. Jay and I served together in the 24th Infantry Division in the 80s. Jay is a great leader and a patriotic American with great values. I would be overjoyed to have him lead the Faifax County Republicans… A great choice.”

James Sullivan

“Jay’s passion for his country, state, county, and party and his fundraising skills and business experience are what the FCRC needs. His long term plans for the party in the future is what we need to move forward.”

Steven Ward

“There are some who manage to do it all – family, work, church, sports, life. Then there are those who do it all sucessfully, with grace and a smile, with time and energy left over for community concerns. I am thankful that Jay is devoting his precious time and talent to the betterment of FCRC, and by extension, to Fairfax County and beyond. The battles we win here have ramifications for Virginia, and can tip the balance for the country past this crucial election season. He has my wholehearted endorsement.”

Valerie Wohlleben
Kirkside Precinct Captain

Please note that individual titles are for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement from any employer or organization.