Vote Jay McConville for FCRC Chairman on March 24th


Thank you for filing as a Delegate to the Fairfax County Republican Committee Convention. Your participation and your energy are essential to our efforts to elect good Republican candidates in 2012, defeat President Obama, and prepare for future success in Fairfax County and Virginia.

I am seeking the position of Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee because I believe deeply that our nation is at a critical decision point. We must choose either the path envisioned by our founders, a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the principles we all share, or a path that will “fundementally change” our nation and threaten both our liberty and our economic vitality. I want to serve in any way I can to fight for our future, and help return us to the right path.

I know that I have the right experience for the Chairman position, and that I can make a positive difference. I have been a candidate myself, having run for the Virginia House of Delegates in 2009. I have served two years as the Vice Chairman of the Party for Budget and Finance, and I have been a leader in the military, in business, and at the head of several other large volunteer organizations. I am an experienced fundraiser, having raised several million dollars for multiple organizations, and I am a marketing professional who will be an aggressive and vocal advocate for our shared principles. These are the skills you need in your Chairman!

My campaign theme is “Through Growth Comes Victory!” I chose this theme because I know that together we can achieve Victory – we can grow our party’s volunteer force, improve our operations, provide better value to our candidates, increase our financial resources, and be an aggressive advocate for Republican principles throughout Fairfax County. I pledge to you that I will work very hard to make this vision a reality.

Please read more about me and my plan for Victory at

I would be honored to have your vote. You can count on me to work very hard for our party, our county, our Commonwealth and our nation.


Jay McConville
McConville for Chairman

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